Adamu Adamu no Mi
Japanese Name: 宝樹アダム
English Name: Adam-Adam Fruit
Meaning: Adams wood
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Type: Logia
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The Adamu Adamu no Mi (宝樹アダム) is a Logia, which allows the user to become and manipulate adam wood, to use for combat.

Strengths and Weakness

As demonstration by the user this fruit allows the users body to become adam wood, the strongest wood. Being able to hold its own against many types of attacks, The User claims that it is the prefect defense. The user is able to turn their body into the adam wood or can turn their body into the roots or a combination of the two. As shown by the user he is able to turn his body into adam wood, but leaving his right arm turned into roots of the tree. The main attributes that the user can use is the prefect defense being able to take heavy fire and attacks. Akitama being originally a rear admiral he often would use his powers to defend himself from attacks. since then he now uses these skills for them. The user will suffer the standard weakness of the devil fruit.