Amai Amai no Mi
Japanese Name:
English Name: Sweet Sweet Fruit
Meaning: Candy or Sweets
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Type: Logia
Eaten by:
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The Amai Amai no Mi Logia Type Devil Fruit allows the user to become and control sweets (ranges from candy to dessert)


The fruit appears to be white but when cut the insides ate an all rainbow color the users logia form resembles pink smoke rumored to be a mixture of cotton candy and regular candy


Kitsune uses this to mostly dodge attacks and block bullets. She can create hard constructs out of candy which she uses to attack.

Dessert Disaster

She forms a giant tornado of random sweets and hurls them at the opponent

Sugar demon

Amai creates a sugary barrier around the opponent and then attacks from all angles

Candy combat

Amai turns parts of her body into hard candy and attacks

Candy chaos

A small form of awakening the user makes the enviornment into a dessert paradise that they can clearly control (range about as big as the ope opes rooms)

Sweet sledgehammer

Amia pulls out a llollipop that slowly grows to giant proportion she then swings it

The murder of Hansel and Gretel

Amai makes a giant body out of candy (like doku demon) and comes at the opponent full force the monster resembles a witch


Extreme heat can burn and melt the sweets

The sweets are edible

Standered weaknesses