Date D Marada
Japanese Name: 伊達Dマラダ
Romanized Name: Date Di Marada
English Name: Date D Marada
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Roger Pirates
Occupations: First Mate
Epithet: Demon King
Japanese VA: Sho Hayami
Funi English VA:
Age: 55
Status: Deceased
Bounty: Bsymbol10 Unknown

Date D Marada is the former first mate of the Roger Pirates known by ephiet Demon King, and was executed on the same day as Roger


Marada was a tall fair-skinned man with spiky, black hair that had a slight blue tint to it. he also has a pencil-thin mustache and goatee wearing a collar shirt and an haori along with black pant


Marada is stated to be calm and fearless man and he doesn't show slight fear of death and smile when thinking fondly about his time with Roger

His personality is often noted by people who knew him to have been similar to that of Date D Hayate and Rayleigh stated that Marada is mostly calm and soft spoken person but stated to have a very violent temper and often kill people that anger him

Marada often retaliate to those who insulted him and insulted people care and respect Rayleigh and Valant mention stated that an angry Marada could be a extremely violent and wouldn't hesitate to kill people in cold blood such as when he raided Mariejois to kill the World Noble who had enslave his own younger brother and causing him to commit suicide and killed other World Nobles that anger him



Abilities and Powers

Marada was regarded as strongest Pirates in his time and being the First Mate of the Pirate King's crew his fighting power was nearly unstoppable.