Garui is a Marine officer serving under Vice Admiral Smoker in the base of G-5.He was first introduced as a Commander in Loguetown, where he follow Smoker when he make it his mission to capture Luffy and Date D Hayate and was later promoted to the rank of Captain due to the events in Alabasta.At some point during the timeskip, he was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral


Garui has bright Red Har and has cold looking eye he wore an open white shirt and at the mark with the Kanji Justice



Abilities and Powers


East Blue Saga

Loguetown Arc

Alabasta Saga

Alabasta Arc

Water 7 Saga

Post-Enies Lobby Arc

Summit War Saga

Amazon Lily Arc

Marineford Arc

During the Timeskip

Fishman Island Saga

Fishman Island Arc

Dressrosa Saga

Punk Hazard Arc

Dressrosa Arc

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