Kinguo Gozu
Japanese Name:
Romanized Name: Kinguo Gozu
English Name: Kinguo Gozu
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Revolutionary Army; Resura Kingdom; Newkama Land (former)
Occupations: Revolutionary Commander
Epithet: Wrestler King
Japanese VA: John McCalmont
Funi English VA: Hideaki Tezuka
Status: Alive
Bounty: Unknown
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Ushi Ushi no Mi Model Bull
English Name: Ox Ox Fruit Bull Model
Meaning: Ox
Type: Zoan

Kinguo Gozu is known as Wrestler King is the King of the Resura Kingdoms and is one of the commanders of the Revolutionary Army.

HHe was formerly a prisoner of Impel Down kept in Level 5, living in a secret "Okama Paradise" in level 5.5, but has since returned to his post as King of Resura Kingdom. He train Magnes and have him Face his Wrestler Master and for a boat to Sabaody during the Two Year Timeskip


Gozu is a large muscular man with brown combed back, a small moustache and goatee. His face has pronounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes, and a prominent crease across his forehead.


Gozu is generally characterised as stern, outspoken and decisive. He believes that actions and strength mean everything in the world he is very patient and rarely raises his voice.


Monkey D. Dragon

Emporio Ivankov


New Kama Land

Revolutionary Army



Summit War Saga

Impel Down Arc

Marineford Arc

Post-War Arc

Fishman Island Saga

Return to Saboady Arc

Dressrosa Saga

From the Decks of the World

Yonko Saga

From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc

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