Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
English Name: Maizuru
First Appearance:
Affiliations: Marines
Occupations: Admiral
Japanese VA: Kenyu Horiuchi
Funi English VA: J Michael Tatum
Age: 45
Status: Alive
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Kuroi Kuroi no Mi
English Name: Blaze Blaze Fruit
Meaning: Black Flame
Type: Mystic Logia

Maizuru better known by his Alias Kurotaka is one of the Five Admiral of the Marine he is one of the First Admiral to be reveal


Kurotaka is an incredibly tall, slim and muscular man, roughly of the same size as his fellow admirals Akainu Aokiji Hakutori and Kizaru,he wear a black suit and a white collar shirt and a black tie


Maizuru is a calm collecting and serious person making him as one of the most serious among the Five Admiral he shown to be quite perspective as shown he was against the idea making Blackbeard as one Juichibukai deeming him untrustworthy and when Blackbeard resign from the position he deem making Blackbeard a Juichibukai was big mistake by the World Government

Maizuru was a follower of Moral Justice like his fellow Admiral Kuzan he shown disgust of Sakazuki action of blowing up a refuge ship just because of a possibilities that a scholar might hide in there

Abillities and Power

As a Marine admiral, Kurotaka must have at least above-average leadership and co-ordination skills (in organizing large regiments of Marine soldiers easily as an Admiral he has the authority to issue a Buster Call against any Island that he deems a threat and can grant any World Government agent the right to do so as an Admiral he has the power to revoke a Juichibukai title

Kurotaka possess extreme prowess as he was able to hold himself against Whitebeard and one of the Division commander in Whitebeard crew

Physical Abilities

Devil Fruit

Kurotaka possesses the Kuroi Kuroi no Mi, a Mystical Logia-class Devil Fruit which grants him the ability to transform his body into Black Flame and manipulate it at will. As a Logia, Kurotaka can let physical attacks pass through him without injury and can only be wounded with the use of Haki, Seastone,

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