Masu Masu no Mi (スマッシュ, Smash Smash Fruit) is a paramecia type Devil Fruit that gives the consumer the ability to "crush" anything they come in contact with.The Fruits powers are incredibly strong and unstable, able to leak out of the User and destroy things without the User's intention.

Strengths and Weakness

The fruits major strength is its ability to grant the user the power to crush anything they physically touch. Whatever the user chooses to crush will break apart and scatter instantaniously into microparticles. The power is able to destroy entire building and ship structures in seconds with little to no effort, but this is limited to the structure of just that one mass, it will not crush anything around or close to it.

While the user is able to chose how much of a mass will be destroyed, if uncontrolled the fruits power can simply overtake the user's will and destroy anything. The current consumer of the fruit; Clive is known to be notoriously lazy and unfocused, so normally anything he walks into shatters immediatley without his knowledge.

The Fruits one major weakness is its inability to to destroy living flesh. Instead it will simply imloade the air around a target to send them flying several meters, still causing major damage. Although this weakness only applies to the Fruits most basic attacks, if Clive chooses to use Punkai which is a technique that allows him to dissamble something by limited the Crushing effects, then he can split flash apart into pieces. However the living target splits apart and reduces into small, doll-like versions of themselves. This spell doesn't cause permanent damage since the victim will return back to normal after a while. Like any other Devil Fruit, it gives the user the inability to swim.

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