The Ryūshi Ryūshi no Mi is a Logia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create,become,and control particles. It was eating by ???


The fruit resembles a white pomegranate with yellow seeds on the inside. The fruits powers are almost identical to kizarus except that his moves can come in many colors such as red,blue,purple and even white.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This fruit allows the user to control and become particles making the user able to pretty much tale on kizaru in terms of speed and power depending on the particles used. This devil fruit also allows more diversity then kizarus fruit due to the user being able to use more then just light particles. The user move as fast as kizaru and fights almost just like him using super sped up hits and shooting lazers to cause explosions. He can even solidify the particles to make weapons.The user also seems to able to become weightless as shows when the user stands on a flying cannonball and gently floats down

This fruits main weakness is the time it takes to train this fruit with the user slowly learning how to use and manipulate the different kinds of particles. The user also when transforming can only move and shoot beams in a straight direction and can only turn via reflecting off of surroundings. The user also has to charge up most of its moves and can be caught off guard. The user also is able to of course be hit by haki. Other then this it suffers from the standered fruit weaknesses

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