Sen Sen no Mi
Japanese Name: Sen Sen no Mi
English Name: Wire Wire Fruit
Meaning: Wires
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Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: N/A
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The Sen Sen no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit. This fruit allows the user to turn body parts into metal wires.


It appears as a dark grey banana covered with thick scales instead of a normal banana peel.each scale has a clockwise yellow spiral engraved into it. The scales a edible so there is no real need to peel it.


The user can create steel-like wires from his/her body. These wires can cut through anything thats softer than normal steel. The wires can be controlled as if they were the user's limbs. The wires are only 3mm in diameter and can at least reach 350ft. It's unknown how much strands the user can use at once. The wires are grey/silver colored.

The wires can be created in different places of the user's body. For example: from the tip of his/her finger, from under the nails, from the eye etc. Each wire is capable of lifting 80kg on it's own. unlike muscle the wires cannot be trained or strengthed to carry anything heavier than 80kg.

The reason why this fruit is classified as paramecia is because the user cannot turn into the wires. The user can split his body and cover himself with the wires but no body part will transform into those wires. Thus the body can be harmed by any normal means.

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