Spector Lynch
Japanese Name:
Romanized Name: Spector Lynch
English Name: Spector Lynch
First Appearance:
Affiliations: CP-0;[3] CP9[4] (former); Galley-La Company[2][1] (former)[4]
Occupations: Cipher Pol Agent;[4] Shipwright[2][1] (undercover)[4]
Japanese VA: Soichiro Hoshi
Funi English VA: Blake Sheppard
Age: 28
Status: Alive
Birthday: October 10th
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Neko Neko no Mi Model Jaguar
English Name: Cat Cat Fruit Jaguar Model
Meaning: Cat
Type: Zoan

Spector Lynch is a current member of CP-0,having originally been one of the strongest member of CP9 along with Rob Lucci untill operating undercover to obtain the Pluton blueprints from Iceburg. Introduced as one of the Eight foremen of Galley-La Company's Dock One, he was a sawyer, treenail, and bolt specialist.[1] After his defeat by Hayate, he was dismissed from CP9 by Spandam, who declared him and the other assassins to be responsible for the Straw Hats' havoc on Enies Lobby.


Lynch is a very tall and slim, yet muscular man he has shaggy chin-length brown hair with bangs and reddish-brown eyes. as a shipwright, he wore Black trousers and a blue shirt and wear collar jacket and brown shoes As an assassin, he wore a two-piece black suit with the sleeves normally rolled up, complete with black leather shoes


During the time he was in Water 7 as a carpenter Lynch display an cheerly fun loving attitude once he reveal himself to be member of CP9 He is actually a calculative and extremely manipulative individual




Galley La Company

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Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities

As one of the strongest member of CP9, Spector Lynch's great power is acknowledged even by the Shichibukai.Even at the tender age of thirteen, Lynch was already known to be a very capable mass-murderer, having killed 500 soldiers and a crew of pirates single-handedly. It should be also noted that Spector Lynch is one of the strongest member of CP9 along with Fellow Agent Rob Lucci in history by far with his Doriki at 4000 almost twice that of the second strongest members of CP9, Kaku and Fenrick's 2200.



Devil Fruit



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