Suigin Suigin no Mi
Japanese Name: Suigin Suigin no Mi
English Name: Mercury Mercury Fruit
Meaning: Liquid Element Mercury
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Type: Logia
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The Suigin Suigin no Mi is a Logia type Devil Fruit that turns the user into a "Mercury Human".


The fruit resembles a gray coconut with black swirls around it. When opened, the liquid is silver and solid-looking, resembling liquid metal.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The fruit's main strength is that it turns the user's body into liquid mercury. Akira was able to meld his body into any shape and size he saw fit. He was also able to phase through fences, jail bars, and anything with holes in it. Akira was also able to solidify or liquefy his body at anytime, allowing him to create weapons and phase through holed objects. Because mercury is a poisonous element, any living object who is exposed to his mercury form for about 30 minutes can be infected with mercury poisoning. He was also able to release mercury vapor and shoot it out in a straight line or a burst. This also allowed Akira to fly by expelling vapor from his feet. Excluding common devil fruit weaknesses, this fruit is weak against extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. When exposed to extreme heats in mercury form, Akira was able to move, but unable to form a solid body. When exposed to extreme cold in mercury form, he was unable to move. For example, if Akira was to go against Akainu or Ace, he would melt into a puddle and would be unable to form a solid body. If he were to face Aokiji or Monet, Akira would have been unable to move his body or mold anything. Akira also couldn't control where the mercury vapor hits. He could only shoot it in a single direction.