Tatsu Tatsu no Mi, Model: Storm Dragon
Japanese Name: Tatsu Tatsu no Mi, Model: Storm Dragon
English Name: Dragon Dragon no Mi, Model: Storm Dragon
Meaning: Tatsu means Dragon
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Type: Mythical Zoan
Eaten by:
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The Tatsu Tatsu no Mi, Model: Storm Dragon is a Mythical Carnivorous Zoan Devil Fruit that allows the user to turn into a dragon capable of manipulating the weather.


A purple pinapple like fruit with the common Devil Fruit swirls.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The user is able to transform into a Storm Dragon. A dragon that was known for behemoth like strength and the ability to manipulate the weather. The fruit's major strength, as demonstrated by Nero, is that its user gains more physical strength in their hybrid and full Storm Dragon forms, equivalent to that of a real Dragon and more. Any physical fighting style that the user has, is generally made more lethal with the additional strength bestowed upon them. Their physical strength is dramatically increased when in their half/full Dragon forms. They become much stronger, much faster, become much more durable, and have much more stamina. The also gain the innate ability to control the weather. User can sense, create, shape and manipulate storms, including strong wind, hail, thunder and/or lightning (a thunderstorm), heavy precipitation (snowstorm, rainstorm), heavy freezing rain (ice storm), strong winds (tropical cyclone, windstorm), or wind transporting substance through the atmosphere as in a dust storm, blizzard, sandstorm, etc. The user is able to blend in with the clouds. A weakness of the fruit is that if the user stays in their Half or Full Dragon form for too long, they could give into their inner demons and lose all sense of morality and restraint. Making them violent, and completely uncontrollable. Other than that, it has the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

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