Uma Uma No Mi Model Elasmotherium
Japanese Name:
English Name: Rhino Rhino Fruit Elasmotherium Model
Meaning: Rhino
Power: {{{power}}}
Type: Ancient Zoan
Eaten by:
Created by: {{{create}}}

The Uma Uma no Mi Model Elasmotherium is a Ancient Zoan type Devil Fruit that allowing the user to become a Elasmotherium which is an extinct giant wolly rhino.

Strength and Weakness

The hybrid form makes the users arms and legs furry and gives them a rhino tail the horn on their head gets bigger and thier skin becomes much tougher.

The full form gives her small furry skin plates and a more beastly structure almost making it look like the user is wearing armor.

In full form it is majorly hard to change direction mid charge which is why in a full form charge the user is on all fours.The user also must be in great physical form to deal with this fruits weight.Other then that it suffers from regular devil fruit weaknesses.

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