Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Cow
Japanese Name:
English Name: Ox Ox Fruit, Cow Model
Meaning: Cow
Power: {{{power}}}
Type: Zoan
Eaten by: N\A
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The Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Cow ("Ushi" meaning cow of any gender) is a Zoan Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into a cow or a human-cow hybrid.

Strengths and Weakness

The major strength of the Devil Fruit is that the user is granted immense Super-Human Strength from entering their half-cow form. Ushiko uses this boost in strength, as well as her own natural Super-Human Strength. While the user has natural Super-Human Strength, that strength is almost tripled when she shifts to half-cow form, making her easily one of the most physically strong people in the world.

A secondary benefit is that the user can fire high-pressure milk, but the user prefers to only do this in an emergency because of how weird it makes her feel. Oddly enough, the location of where this milk spray comes from is never explicitly revealed, but it can be assumed that it comes from her half-cow form's utter.

The major weakness of the Devil Fruit is that the user loses speed when going into their half-cow form, but gains some of it back when going into full-cow form.

Another side effect observed in the user is that she seems to have picked up several tendencies found in cows that she exhibits in everyday life. Namely, she is prone to falling asleep standing up (and in fact, admits that sleeping is more comfortable standing), and also seems to "moo" in her sleep. She also seems to spend a long time chewing her food, and admits that she will sometimes involuntarily spit some of it up to chew it again, like cud.

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