Wani Wani no Mi Model: Sarcosuchus
Japanese Name:
English Name: Gator-Gator Fruit, Model: Bananadile
Meaning: Gator
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Type: Ancient Zoan
Eaten by:
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The Wani Wani no Mi Model: Sarcosuchus is an Ancient Zoan type Devil Fruit that allows the user to become a Sarcosuchus.

Strengths and weaknesses

This fruit allows the user to become a prehistoric crocodile known as the Sarcosuchus. This gives the user increased size (large enough to devour groups of people whole) and insane jaw strength with the user being able to bite through steel. The user may have strength but they must be careful in terms of speed with the user only being able to make quick attacks in short burst. Other then this it suffers from the standard weaknesses.

the user uses this zoan to literally "swim" in almost any terrain allowing him to a busy and bite his prey like a real crocodile.