Yajuu Yajuu no Mi, Model: Kirin
Japanese Name: Yajuu Yajuu no Mi, Model: Kirin
English Name:
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Type: Mythical Zoan
Eaten by:
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The Yajuu Yajuu no Mi, Model: Kirin is a Mythical Zoan type Devil Fruit that allows the user to turn into a Kirin hybrid or a full Kirin.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The main strength of the fruit is that the user can turn into Kirin hybrid or a full Kirin. The Kirin is spring water beast that lives in lakes and resoviours. The user gains the ability to walk on water and infinitely make pure water so the user can shoot high pressure jets of water from their mouth. In the hybrid form the user can adapt this to shoot water jets from their hands and feet.

The User leaves a misty magical trail behind it wherever it walks that is thick enough to to blind enemies.Though the mist never lingers long, the enemies always waste precious time groping their way through.

The user also gains a sharpened sense of smell and the ability to summon rain clouds and hailstorms at its whim. It can bring forth massive monsoons and cause snowstorms. The hailstorms can be as long and as heavy as the user wants. At sea the user gains the ability to send tsunamis, knock up streams and create whirlpools whenever they are needed by them.

The user gains a boost in speed and they can move as fast as the tide. The user also gains a boost in power since the Kirin is carnivorous.

The user becomes unable to stop sweating but never runs out of water produced. So the user can either get rid of it quickly or allow themself to sweat constantly. Rainclouds will follow the user around.

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